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How I Work

Send me an email with a brief description of your project and tell me what you would like me to do.  Attach the manuscript or proposal as a Word document or PDF.  I will quickly review the project (without charge) and let you know whether I think it would be beneficial for us to work together.  I will then explain my fees.

For fiction (novel, short stories, or novella), I prefer a complete draft of a manuscript, but can work with a partial manuscript as well.  For nonfiction (memoirs, narratives, topical subjects, and humor), I work with either a proposal or a complete draft of a manuscript.

Depending on your needs, I can evaluate the overall effectiveness and publishability of the proposal or manuscript; provide an evaluation that explains what is working or not working and how to shape the story and characters; or do a thorough line edit of the manuscript.

After the editorial process, we can determine the next step in bringing your book to its audience.  I often guide authors through the self-publishing process (design, printing, publicity, and distribution) or through the world of literary agents and book publishers.  Each of my services is offered à la carte. Although there is no promise that my working on a project will lead to publication or representation, I only take on projects that I believe will benefit from my involvement. Once I’ve invested editorial time and energy in a project, I like to see it all the way through to its readership.